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  • Prototype commited

A first prototype prooving the concept required has been upload into the project page.

  • Looking for developers, software architects and administrators

File Spector is looking for:

  1. Software architects and developers. Their task will be to plan, design and implement the new architecture.
  2. GUI experts are extreamelly welcome to give an hand on the architecture design, since it depends in great extend on a very modular and scalable Graphical Interface.
  3. Administrators since help will be necessary in the several administratives tasks.

Info: Python is the languaje of development selected since it provides a great extent of modularity. wxPython is the GUI Python module used. Ideas and other options are most welcome.


Project Home Page: http://file-spector.sourceforge.net

Project Development Page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/file-spector/

Current Developers:

- Bruno Santos (bmsantos@users.sourceforge.net) - Initial project idea

Please note that you are encouraged to join and contribute in whatever you can and also to submit any ideas or comments to this project.



© Copyright 2004 File-Spector Team   
Distributed under the GNU General Public Licence