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Before Installing you might want to check if you have the following modules installed in your system. Also, note that the prototype was for the moment only tested on Windows XP. :(

If there's a caritative soul with some time to try it on Linux would be great. If so, please provide us some feedback.

  1. Python 2.3 - http://www.python.org
  2. Numpy 23.3 (Numeric Python) - http://sourceforge.net/projects/numpy
  3. wxPython - http://wxpython.sourceforge.net
  4. py2exe 0.5.0 - http://py2exe.sourceforge.net (optional) - Only required if you want to create a windows executable.

Download the package.


Windows Instalation

Unzip the package that you've downloaded to a directory of your choice.

You can execute the application by double clicking on one of the following files:

  1. saf.pyw to execute Struct-A-File
  2. fan.pyw to execute File-A-Nyzer

You can also create two symbolic links that execute "python.exe saf.pyw" and "python.exe fan.pyw".

If you have py2exe installed and want to compile the code in one executable then you can do so by executing the following command in your command line:

python.exe setup.py py2exe

Do it in both Struc-A-File and File-A-Nyzer sub-directory.

Enjoy :)



© Copyright 2004 File-Spector Team   
Distributed under the GNU General Public Licence